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Hello Parents,

Welcome back to Hoboken Catholic Academy and the Shopping Fundraising Program called Shopping Magic or Scrips. Scrips is fundraising while you shop. Donations are made to our school by the merchants. Gift cards are purchased at full face value from merchants and a portion of the face value is given back to HCA. A few examples:

          1)$100 gift card to Land’s End will provide a $16 donation to HCA. 
              We still receive a $100 gift card that can be used at Land’s End!

          2)$100 gift card to Shop Rite or A&P provides a $4 donation to HCA.

Please visit www.shopwithscrip.com and go to “Get Started” to create your own online account and sign up for PrestoPay*. Presto Pay enables you to pay for your cards directly from your checking account. No checks to write! You’ll be able to shop conveniently from your couch!

Look for cards with the automatic reload and ScripNow! brands which can be accessed immediately online. Order cards on your phone or iPad through www.myscripwallet.com. Even use your gift card immediately on your phone!

Other gift cards that are issued as traditional plastic cards will be shipped in bulk and distributed via the classroom folders. This process is necessary to cut down on shipping costs. We would like to place two “bulk” orders for plastic cards a month. The first order will be placed Sept 15th and the second on Sept 30th. All orders must be placed online and paid using PrestoPay. Orders cannot be processed unless payment’s been received.

We can raise a lot of money for HCA through this program: If 100 families buy one $100 Shop Rite gift card each week during the year 52 weeks, $20,800 will be donated to HCA!

If you have questions, please reach out to your PK Buddy or Carrie Gallaway Maglia at 917-903-0866 or hca.scrip@gmail.com

Thanks for your support!
Home School Association

*Please note no cash or personal checks will be allowed.  
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