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Tuition Rates 2017-2018
Re-Registration Fee for CURRENT STUDENTS:
$200.00 per child
*The re-registration period ends on November 21, 2016. 
The $700 “New Student Fee” will be charged 
for re-registration of current students received 
after November 21, 2016.
Listed below are the tuition rates and fees for the 2017-2018 school year.
A yearly increase in tuition is necessary in order to meet the increase in expenses.
Tuition Rate for Kindergarten $6,900.00
Tuition Rate for Parishioner Kindergarten with sibling in grades 1-8 Current Students Only $5,000.00
Parishioner Tuition Rates for Grades 1 through Grade 8
One Child $6,000.00
Second Child $5,000.00
Third Child $5,000.00
Each additional child $5,000.00
*Parishioner rate tuition will be offered to those families who submit “Parishioner Verification Form” signed by the pastor of their Roman Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Newark and a copy of the child’s baptismal certificate from a Roman Catholic Church.
Verification form and baptism certificate should be submitted during the 
re-registration/ registration process. 
After re-registration/ registration period ends request for parishioner discount rate cannot be accepted.
Non-Parishioner Rate
Tuition Rate for Kindergarten through Grade 8:
Pre-Kindergarten Tuition Rate:
Registration Fee for NEW STUDENTS:
$700.00 per child
Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit for NEW STUDENTS
Applied on to final month’s tuition payment
$500.00 per child
Application Fee for NEW STUDENTS
(non refundable)
$20.00 per child
Technology Fee for PreK- Grade 4:
$200.00 per child
Technology Fee for Grades 5-8:
$500.00 per child
Tuition vs. Actual Per Pupil Cost
It is important to note that the tuition rates listed above do not reflect the actual amount it costs to educate a child at Hoboken Catholic Academy.  Actual cost per pupil for the 2017-2018 school year is projected to be over $7,988, while the average tuition rate for a student in Kindergarten through Grade 8 is only $6,573. Income from tuition and registration covers less than 85% of the school’s expenses. We continue to rely on fundraising, donations and other income to cover the gap between tuition income and normal operating expenses. It is expected that each family will make every effort to support the fundraisers that are held throughout the year, or contribute in whatever way they can to reduce the gap between income and expenses.

Payment of Tuition
Tuition payments are made through Smart Tuition Management. The first payment is due June 10th. Failure to make tuition payments on time will result in the suspension of educational services for your child.
The following tuition payment plans are available:  
        1 month: Full tuition paid in one payment – 3% discount if paid by June 10, 2017
        2 months: Tuition paid in two payments- June & November  
        4 months: Tuition paid in four payments- June, Aug, Nov, Feb 
        10 months: Tuition paid in ten payments- June through March

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Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit for CURRENT STUDENTS:
Applied on to final month’s tuition payment
$500.00 per child
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