1st Trimester Curriculum


1. God Made All Things
2. God Gives Us Light
3.God Gives Us Water
4. God Gave us Animals
5. The Church Year
6. Ordinary Time


1. Sort objects by likeness
2. Identify what makes an object different
3. Sort objects based on color, shape and size
4. Solve problems by using logical reasoning
5. Identify various three – dimensional ( solid figures)
6. Identify various two – dimensional (plane figures)
7. Solve problems by finding a pattern
8. Geometry and patterns.
9. Positions


1. Words in  a sentence
2. Rhyme
3. Syllables
4. Phoneme isolation
5. Phoneme matching
6. Phoneme categorization
7. Phoneme blending/segmenting
8. Phoneme deletion/addition
9. Phoneme substitution
10. The alphabet
11. Initial f,m,and s
12. Review letters f, m.
13. Introduce initial consonants s, t, h, and b.
14. Match final /t/ and /b/.
15. Introduce high- frequency words (The- is- for- me).
16. Isolate final m, s, t, h, and b.
17. Recognize singular and plural of frequency used words.

Science: Elevate Science

1. Forces of Motion
-Pushes and Pulls
-Ways objects move
-Changes in Motion

2. Matter
-Five senses
-Classification of Groups
-Temperature and Wight
Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Social Studies: myWorld Interactive

1. Learning and Working Together
-School Rules/Working Together
-How to solve problems
-Good Citizens (Cesar Chavez, Malala Yousafzai, Iqbal Masih)

2. National and State Symbols
-50 States
-State Symbols
-American Heroes (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Pocahontas)

Reading: Science of Reading

1. Consonant identification and sounds
2. Story Elements: Character and Setting, Main Idea and Details
3. Genre: Fiction and Informational Texts
4. Identify High-Frequency and vocabulary words
5. Blending CVC words (cat, mat, pat, etc.) and identifying sounds in a word.
6. Reading Comprehension
7. Grammar: Nouns, Verbs
8. Sentence structure: Spaces, punctuation, capital letters.
9. Consonant Blends.