2nd Trimester Curriculum


1. Advent
2. God chooses Mary
3. Christmas
4. God the Father gives us Jesus
5. Jesus grew up in Nazareth
6. Jesus teaches and helps us
7. God helps us to discover
8. Loving Others
9. We learn about God with our families
10. We learn about God with our friends


1. Identify and make groups with as many as, more, or fewer objects.
2. Identify, show, and draw groups through 10 objects.
3. Use ordinal numbers first through tenth to identify position.
4. Solve problems by using a map.
5. Identify, show, and draw groups of 11 to 31.
6. Compare and order numbers up to 31
7. Estimate groups using benchmarks of 10, 20, and 30
8. Identify and count numbers to 100
9. Explore tens and ones
10. Skip count by 2s, 5s, and 10s
11. Sequence

Reading: Science of Reading

1. Consonant and vowel identification and sounds
2. Story Elements: Character and Setting, Main Idea and Details
3. Genre: Fiction, Informational Texts, and Persuasive texts
4. Identify High-Frequency and vocabulary words
5. Blending CVC words (cat, mat, pat, etc.) and identifying sounds in a word.
6. Reading Comprehension
7. Grammar: Verbs, adjectives, and articles
8. Sentence structure: Spaces, punctuation, capital letters.
9. Word Families


1. Literature Introduction to initial l, d, c, n, g, w
2. Initial l, d, c
3. Initial n, g, w
4. Reviewing initial n, g, w; Final /n/ and /g/.|
5. Reviewing initial l, d, c
6. Reading High-Frequency Words (I-can-be-a).
7. Literature Introduction to Initial p, r, k, j, q(u), v, y, z.
8. Reading high- frequency words (Do-like-you-with).
9. Initial p, r, k, j
10. Reviewing initial p, r, k, j
11. Final p
12. Initial q(u), v, y, z
13. Final x
14.Writing initial p, r, k, j, q(u), v, y, z in context

 Science: Elevate Science

1. Sunlight
-The Earth and the Sun
-Staying Cool, Problem Solving
-Solar Storms
2. Earth’s Weather
-Temperature and Weather Patterns
-Weather in Different Places
-Severe Weather (thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornado)

 Social Studies: myWorld Interactive

1. Employment
-Why People Work
-Jobs at School/Community
-Then and Now
-Clara Barton

2. Geography of the Neighborhood
-Where We Live/Location Words
-Globes and Maps
-Parts of a Map
-Our Home and Neighborhood