3rd Trimester Curriculum

1. We celebrate Jesus’ gift of Himself
2. Easter
3. We pray as Jesus did
4. We care about others as Jesus did
5. We celebrate that Jesus is our friend
6. We learn about God with our families
7. We learn about God with our friends

Science: Elevate Science

1. Needs of Living Things
-Alike and Different
-Needs of Plants
-Needs of Animals
-Needs of People

2. Life Cycles
-Newborn animals

3. Environments
-Where Plants and Animals Live
-Forests and Plains
-Deserts and Oceans
-Plants and Animals Together

Social Studies: myWorld Interactive

1. Our Resources
-Resources today/long ago
-Daniel Boone, John Muir

2. Time and Chronology
-Past and Future
-Measuring Time


1. Recognize /e/ and to match initial and medial sounds.
2. CVCe Words
3. Writing and blending with short /e/
4. Read and write short e words in context.
5. To blend phonemes in CVC word
6. To segment and blend CVC words with short e.
7. To segment phonemes in high-frequency words.
8. To demonstrate sound-letter for the short vowels a, e, i, o, u
9. Identify long vowels

Math: Progress in Mathematics

1. Add numbers with sums of 10 or less.
2. Complete addition sentences for sums of 10 or less.
3. Add numbers in vertical form.
4. Solve problems by writing a number sentence.
5. Subtract from 10 or less.
6. Complete subtraction sentences from 10 or less.
7. Subtract 10 or less in vertical form.
8. Solve problems by choosing the operation.
9. Recognize the value of a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.
10. Count by 1s to find the value of a group of coins.
11. Trade and compare money amounts.

Reading: Science of Reading

1. Consonant and vowel identification and sounds
2. Story Elements: Character and Setting, Main Idea and Details
3. Genre: Fiction, Poetry, Fairy Tales, Myths
4. Identify High-Frequency and vocabulary words
5. Blending CVCe words
6. Reading Comprehension
7. Grammar: Pronouns, prepositions
8. Sentence structure: Spaces, punctuation, capital letters.
9. Word Families