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Belief Statement

1. We believe every child is a gift from God entrusted to our care.

2. We believe we are responsible to provide each child with opportunities which will allow

     them to develop their individual potentials.

3. We believe schools should provide an atmosphere in which each person feels safe, 

     accepted, and valued.

4. We believe that Catholic ideals, virtues, and values are to be cultivated and practiced.

5. We believe Catholic schools are a vital means of faith formation and evangelization, 

    preserving for future generations the beliefs and traditions of the Church.

6. We believe the curriculum should be designed to include varied educational techniques to 

    meet the individual needs of today’s students.

7. We believe God has made the parents the primary educators and that a child’s success is 

    based on a cooperative parent/teacher relationship.

8. We believe it is our role as educators to promote responsible student behavior and 


9. We believe that instilling in our children a sense of leadership, civic responsibility, and 

     pride will positively impact our world.

10. We believe that enthusiasm is an important learning attitude.

11. We believe the goodness and giftedness within each person must be celebrated and 


12. We believe the diversity of traditions and cultural background of the community enriches 

      the educational experience of our students.

13. We believe discipline should be administered with fairness and respect.

14. We believe our children are the heart and soul of the future and the world’s most precious 


15. We believe that by providing our students with opportunities to succeed we foster self-

      esteem and respect.