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April 3, 2019

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April 3, 2019

Dear Parents,

Now that April has arrived, hold on to your collective hats, because the rest of the school year will be a blur. 

The chicks have hatched!  The farmer from Quiver Farms delivered the chicken eggs and incubators to our Kindergarten classrooms about ten days ago and our students patiently waited for the big day.  Well, on Monday, both classes returned to find some of their new friends had emerged.  By the end of the day on Tuesday, all of the chicks joined the others.  The children have helped water and feed the chicks and learned to gently pet and hold them.  The other classes have made their way to the kindergarten rooms to share in the experience.  To say the children are excited would be an understatement!   We can’t wait for our friends from Quiver Farms to return with the rest of the barnyard babies when they visit on May 6th!

The HCA Choir spent three hours on Saturday at St. Ann Church with professionals from a production company to record their first ever CD!  Under the direction of Ms. Campana, the choir sang nine of their signature pieces for the CD.  In addition to the CD the team from Ripe Creations filmed a promotional video that we will post on our website.  CDs and Flash drives will be available for sale sometime after Easter.  More details will follow.

The Spring Gala is just ten days away and between now and then we will squeeze in a handful (tongue in cheek) of other activities.  The Home and School Association will meet on the 3rd and the fifth grade field trip to Camp Bernie on be on Friday the 5th.  The 5th is also First Friday, so the rest of the school will attend Mass, and the older students will pray the Stations of the Cross.  The Archdiocesan STEM Expo will take place on Saturday the 6th and Mr. Taormina will have our four teams of scientists showcase their projects along with students from across the Archdiocese at the Youth Retreat Center Gym in Kearny.   The spring book fair will run from Sunday, April 7th through Wednesday, April 10th.  On Wednesday evening, our middle school language arts and sixth grade homeroom teacher, Peggy Girovasi, will be honored at Xavier HS with their Ignatian Educator Award.  Thanks to an essay written by HCA alum and Xavier freshman, Quincy Flett, Ms. G will be one of only five New York area educators to be so honored.  On Thursday, April 11th, students form grades 3-8 will attend a Lenten Penance Service and will have the opportunity to go to confession and after school that day, Adele Tanini, Nirvaan Pal, Isabelle Garlick and Divyanshi Rath will represent our school at the Marist HS, Sixth Grade Math Contest.   On Friday, the day of the Gala, we will visit St. Ann Church to walk with Jesus through the Stations of the Cross, as we do each Friday during Lent. 

The Gala is shaping up to be another wonderful event!  This year, the party will be held at the W, in Hoboken, so the commute for most of our parents and friends will be minimal.  Some of the most popular auction items each year fall under the category, “All Things HCA!”  They include the beautiful artwork that Mrs. Albunia has the students come up with each year, as well as prime seats for concerts, naming a dress down day, having Pizza Friday named for your child, dinner with Mrs. Ferrara and Ms. April, lunch with Mrs. Foley, gym teacher for the day and principal for the day.

This year, the Ujhely twins will serve as Gym Teachers for the Day on the Thursday, April 4th and will help Mr. Montefusco keep things moving throughout the day.  Second grader, Jenna Kruse, will be Principal For a Day on Tuesday, April 9th, and first grader, Ava Kauffmann, will be Principal for A Day on Monday, May 6th.  I am certain both young ladies will be benevolent leaders who will each have a great day helping me run the school. The Mia Guerra Wacky Wednesday Dress Down Day will take place on Wednesday, April 10th.  Students should wear their clothes backwards, inside out or mismatched that day.  There will be no cost and no coupons will be needed AND no one has to wear their school uniform, all thanks to the Guerras. 

All of these experiences and many more will be available at this year’s Spring Gala/Silent Auction on the 12th.  Thanks to Cara Guerra, Donna Murphy, Jenn Araneo, Alanna Kauffmann and Alison Cornell for all they have done to prepare for the Gala and for all of our parents and friends who generously donated auction items and sponsored teachers and staff to attend the event.  It is not too late to purchase tickets for the Spring Gala.  If you have not done so already, please get in your order by Friday, April 5th.

As you know from my previous email, officers from the Hoboken Police Department were at our school on Monday and observed our lock down drill.  Following the drill the team of officers met with me to provide feedback and suggestions for improving our procedures.  They provided valuable guidance and as a result, the teachers and I will discuss their recommendations and put them into practice.  In addition, they suggested some physical enhancements to our already robust safety protocols.  As a result, I will reconvene the Security Ad Hoc Committee to discuss those suggestions and prioritize the work they recommend.

Finally, we were able to have the plumbing issue that caused us to suspend the use of the second floor lavatories ahead of schedule.  The repairs were completed today and the second floor bathrooms and water fountain are operational once again.

Thank you and God Bless you all.  I hope to see you at the Gala!


Matthew McGrath