General Information

Classroom Rules:
There are only four basic rules the children must remember in class:
1.      Listen and follow directions.
2.      Respect each other.
3.      Care for one another.
4.      Do your best.

Goals for the Year:
1.      Read to learn.
2.      Develop and maintain good study habits.
3.      Complete assignments and projects on time.
4.      Help build a positive classroom community.

Homework Policy:
Homework will be given daily, and is expected to be turned in completely and neatly by the next school day. Encourage your children to establish a routine study schedule, which includes a specific time and place for them to do their homework. Assist them if necessary but allow for independent work. Please check their homework pad daily for test dates and to ensure completion of work.

Money sent to school:
When sending money to school please put it in an ENVELOPE with your child’s name and grade, amount of money enclosed, and what it is for. Your cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.

A Spelling test will be given every Friday. Schedules for all other tests will be announced a day or two prior to the test date. Tests that require more study and review will be scheduled one week before being administered i.e. unit tests.

The two HCA folders will be used as a Home-School Communication Folder and as a Test Folder. Please check the Home-School folder daily. The Test Folder will be sent home periodically. Please look through the test papers with your child, before signing the record sheet in the back of the folder. The test folder as well as all test papers must be returned to class after you have gone through them with your children.

Mastery of the multiplication and division facts up to x12, is expected of the students by the end of third grade. A strong working knowledge should be established by around the middle of the third trimester. Practice, practice, practice—is the only way to memorize multiplication/division facts. By the start of 3rd grade, they should also have a good working knowledge of the addition and subtraction facts up to 20.

Writer’s Notebook:
One composition notebook will be used as the “Writer’s Journal.” They can be as creative as they can when personalizing their journals. This will be discussed in class when we begin formal writing.

Vocabulary Notebook (Word Collector’s Notebook)
The other composition notebook will serve as a vocabulary notebook in conjunction with their Vocabulary Workshop book. Also, as students encounter new vocabulary from various sources, they will be encouraged to write them down in this notebook to support their growing  collection of words to enrich their reading, writing, and oral communication. This notebook must be accessible to them at all times. They need to bring this to class daily.

Books and Workbooks:
All workbooks will be covered at home in clear plastic (whether adhesive or not). If you are unable to get the clear plastic covers, any durable material that you can use to cover the workbooks will be fine.

Personal School Supplies:
The children must ALWAYS come to class prepared with at least three sharpened pencils, a reliable pencil sharpener, and a good eraser. (The sharpener and eraser will be given out on the first day.)  They must organize their school bags and bring only the things needed for class. Please do not bring toys to class.

Classroom Supplies:
I would also like to request that each child bring in one roll of paper towel, one container of Lysol wipes, and one ream of copy paper for class use.
For personal use, please provide your child with a box of tissues, personal hand sanitizer, and two face masks to keep in their seats. Please label all these things with your child’s name.

Conference Schedules:
If you would like to speak with me regarding your child or if you have a question or concern about school, please do not hesitate to tell me. Write me a note, or send me an e-mail, and we will schedule a good time to meet. You may also call the school office at (201) 963-9535 and leave a message. My e-mail address is  [email protected]