We are parents, teachers, and administrators, collaborative educators of the children of Hoboken Catholic Academy — sharing our God-given gifts and resources to support each other and to provide a Catholic education for our children.

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Here are the representatives of the HSA for 2023-2024:

Co-Presidents – Laura Hines and Francesca Segalla

Co-Vice Presidents – Jennifer Araneo and Jennifer Shukofsky

Treasurer – Toukpe Ajuya

Treasurer/Development Coordinator: Kelly Ricculli

Secretary – Nicole Jurick

Class Parent Coordinator – Katie Champagne

Online Fundraising Coordinator Tiffany Lemon

Websmaster – 

Please Direct any questions at [email protected]



Teacher & Aide

Class Parent(s)


Ally Marchitelli, Kelly Slemi, Devica Shah


Ann Silicatio, Nicole Jurick


Ms. Gravina

Anne Coy


Ms. Carmona

Allison Shultz

1st Grade

Ms. Peterson

Laura Hines, Samantha D’anella

1st Grade

Mrs. Ferrara

Kristen Croeinhlem, Jessica Gizzo, Jurgita Andriyevesky

2nd Grade

Ms. Howard

Laura Ormando, Blaire Brooks,

2nd Grade

Ms. Cervone

Linda Ward

3rd Grade

Mrs. Bernardo

Katerina Bevilacqua, Katie Champagne, Monica Mantilla

4th Grade


Debbie Manzo

5th Grade

Ms. Seredevick

Jen Johnson, Jen Shukofsky,

6th Grade

Ms. Girovasi

Francesca Segalla

7th Grade

Mr. Costa

Cara Guerra


8th Grade

Ms. Fusiak

Jenn Araneo



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HSA Minutes

Meetings are held monthly from 7PM-8PM.

View HSA Meeting Minutes from prior meetings.