Jessica Howard

Welcome To 2nd Grade!

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Class Posts


Monday- Spelling words 3x each (we usually write one in class)

There will be a page or 2 in our Math Workbook (unless they finish it in class)

Tuesday- Spelling words in ABC Order (1 time), Read a Story (3pgs.), & a page or 2 in our math workbook

Wednesday- Write (1) sentence for all (10) Spelling Words & a page or two in our math workbook

Thursday- Study for our weekly reading, spelling, phonics  test (12 words), a page or two in our math workbook

Friday- Most Fridays they will not have homework, maybe to read or study or complete any work incomplete from the week


Math- Chapter Test will be after we complete many lessons, please follow along with the homework for the most preparation.

Religion- (1) Chapter a week (Test On Tuesdays)

Science/Social Studies- We complete (1) chapter at a time & then we switch subjects ( there is a Quiz before the Test)

Reading, Spelling, Grammar- There is a test every Friday (please study the (12) Spelling words each week

(10) words & (2) words to know.