Kindergarten Overview



Kindergarten is the transitional period from Pre-K into the structure of formal schooling. Kindergarten prepares the child for future learning by focusing on school readiness and formal skills.

Kindergarten is a bridge linking early experiences to more formal instruction.


1.Learn to recognize and appreciate God’s creations.
2.Develop an awareness of prayer.
3. Experience liturgical celebrations.
4. Celebrate Holidays which honor God.
5. Develop a sense of morals.

1. The students will learn good health and safety habits.

1. Develop a joy and appreciation for music.

Language Arts:
1. Develop good listening skills.
2. Develop sentence readiness.
3. Develop speaking skills.
4. Gain a foundation in reading through an awareness of phonics.
5. Comprehension skills developed.
6. Practice writing skills (letters and numbers).

1. Become familiar with common geometric shapes.
2. Be able to make comparisons and identify position.
3. Become familiar with number concepts.
4. Develop the concepts of money and time.
5. Concepts of fractions and measurements.
6. Addition to the sum of 9.
7. Subtraction facts to 9.
8. Simple word problems.
9. Count to 100 and write numbers up to 30.

Social Development:
1. Learn that he/she is a unique individual created by God.
2. Develop good interpersonal skills.
3. Develop independence.
4. Develop positive self- image.
5. Practice making good choices.

1. Become aware of the world around them (4 seasons, weather, states of matter, float, or sink, etc.)
2. Learn that senses are used to obtain information.
3. Develop a respect for living things.
4. Develop a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Social Studies:
1. Understand his role in the family and society.
2. Appreciate the importance of conversation
3. Develop an awareness of government and civics
4. Develop an awareness of geography.
5. Become aware of different national Holidays and the way they relate to the past.
6. Become aware of their neighborhood.


1. The Smart Board and Smart Table tech. is utilized in hands-on activities throughout the day.
2. The Smart Board is used to present different lessons, brain breaks, and examples. Students may take turns using the Smart Board during lessons.
3. The Smart Table is best utilized during small group work and center-based lessons. There are different activities that help enhance the learning experience.


Kindergarten Supply List

1. Backpack (no wheels please)

2. Lunch box (able to fit in backpack)

To be sent in September and January:
-2 rolls of paper towels
-3 bottles of disinfecting wipes
-4 boxes of tissues
-1 box of baby wipes
-1 bottle of hand sanitizer
-1 pack computer paper


* Please label your child’s belongings including ALL clothing.
* All water bottles must fit in lunch box.
* Each day your child will need a snack (NO NUT PRODUCTS).

To be purchased from school:
-HCA folder
-Tri write pencils
-Jumbo pencil case
-Glue sticks
-Bottle of white glue
-Blunt scissors
-Pink erasers
-Guideline penmanship practice paper
-Supplemental subscription
-Art program fee