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Kindergarten Reading: Words and Sentences

Each student should review these Kindergarten vocabulary words and sentences before we begin our First Grade Reading Series.


 I                          am                  the                 little

to                          a                    have               is

we                       my                  like                 he

or                        me                  with               she

see                     look                 they               you

of                       are                   that                do

one                    two                  three             four

five                    here                 go                 from

yellow               green              blue               what

said                   was                where            come          



1. I hid my bat from Gus.

2. Can you spin the green top?

3. Did you see the red van?

4. I like my big hat.

5. I can see the frog hop.

6. I am with my Mom and Pop.

7. We pet the dog that Tim got.

8. He will see Bob at the bus stop.

9. We have a pet hen.

10. A little rest will help you.

11. Mom kept one pen for Dad and me.

12. Fred sat next to the little pup.

13. They sat on the rug with Bud.

14. Go and have fun in the sun.

15. She just got a bib for Gus.

16. Here is a yellow bug.

17. They see the ant hop.

18. The little mug is hot.

19. I hid my box here.

20. We see six bugs here.

21. The nuts are from Pat.

22. Is that mask from Tom?

23. We jog to that end.