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March 5, 2020

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Dear Parents,

International Night was amazing!  Thank you to Grainne Malloy and Katherine Leung for organizing such a wonderful event.  Thanks to all of our families who celebrated the heritage of the twenty two countries represented with such pride and joy.  The food was incredible, the native dress was wonderful and the cultural learning that took place was indeed special.  Each year, International Night at HCA has been great and this years’ event was our best one yet!  Thanks to everyone who joined us that night and helped in the set-up before and the clean-up, after the event.

Once again, the generosity of the HCA family was evident in the Campus Ministry hat, gloves and socks drive for Hoboken’s underserved community.  The bags of winter clothing were donated to St. Matthew’s Lunch Mission and Hoboken Community Center.  Both organizations were overwhelmed by your generosity.

Currently, Campus Ministry is collecting Teddy Bears for a very special event.  Nurse De Trizio works with a wonderful organization called “Butterflies Pediatric Hospice Program,” and each year they sponsor a dinner for the families impacted by a serious illness or the loss of a child.  The Teddy Bears are given to the siblings and family members and because of your generosity, our students are able to bring a little joy to children who really need it.   The response has been  overwhelming.  In addition to the dozens of bears of all sizes, fourteen Build a Bear kits have been donated!  Thank you all, as usual,  for your generous response.

We said thank you and good bye to one of our teachers last week, well, sort of.  Mr. Alves, an HCA parent, has served as our Spanish teacher since the beginning of November.  He filled in when we had difficulty finding a Spanish teacher and did so in very fine fashion. Mr. Alves  will re-join the business world, but will continue to coach two of our basketball teams.  Please join me in wishing him well in his new position. 

We are fortunate that Mrs. Michelle Alfano, who subbed in the position prior to Mr. Alves coming on board, is now available to work for us through the end of the school year.  With some minor revisions to the master schedule, we are able to accommodate her schedule and continue our Spanish program without interruption.  Mrs. Alfano began her teaching assignment on Monday.

Our eighth graders will take the next step on their journey toward graduation when we will celebrate their ring ceremony during mass on Friday.  Please join me in wishing our eighth graders and their families well as they enjoy this important milestone.

The chicks are coming!  Actually, the chicken eggs and incubators have arrived and our two kindergarten classes met farmer Tom from Quiver farm in Pennsylvania and leaned about how chickens brood and chicks emerge from their eggs.  The students will have the opportunity to watch as the baby chicks emerge from their eggs and enjoy their company for several days before they return to the farm.  Students from the other classes will have an opportunity to visit the kindergarten classes to see the new arrival as well.

We have concluded the winter administration of the MAP Growth Assessment and are reviewing the results.  The home reports will be sent out on Friday.

Lastly, we have entered the Holy season of Lent, we will turn our clocks ahead next weekend, St. Patrick’s Day Parades have begun and spring training is in full swing.  Though we have enjoyed a mild winter, it is nice to know that the arrival of spring is just weeks away!

May you enjoy the blessings of God’s love during this holy Lenten season.  As always, thank you for your support.


Matthew McGrath