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Miss Peggy Girovasi




Sixth Grade

Language Arts Grades 6, 7, 8

Literature, Vocabulary, Religion, Health


Sixth Grade Specials


M - Gym

T - Art

W - Computers

Th - Spanish 

F - Music








Posted: 11/08/2021
Posted: 09/12/2021
Posted: 09/11/2021
Welcome back to HCA!  I hope the summer was a relaxing time for you and your child. Below is a brief overview of the subjects I will be teaching your children.              Literature for Grade Six                         New words are assigned at the beginning of the week.  Notebook should be... Read More...
Posted: 09/08/2021
TO BE PURCHASED FROM SCHOOL: School supplies - $115.00 • Assignment pad • HCA Folder • Art Program Fee • Science Laboratory Fee • Supplemental Subscriptions * Locker Fee   The following items may be purchased anywhere you choose:  4 Composition notebooks (wide-ruled ONLY)  2 spiral... Read More...
CLOSE READING CHALLENGE WINNERS Round One Maddox Luca Charlie Caroline     Round Two Arjun Luca     Round Three D.J. Michael Aiden    
literature Authors Gary Soto, Robert Frost, Marion Dane Bauer, Ray Bradbury, Joan Aiken, Gary Paulsen, Huynh Quong Nhuong, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain Genres Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama...
Teachers               Miss Girovasi:          Homeroom, Religion 6, Language Arts 6-8, Reading 6, Vocabulary 6, Health             Miss Fusiak:             Social Studies             Mr. Zaccone...
GUIDELINES FOR REMOTE LEARNING   1.      School will start at 7:50 am for students who are in school.  For remote learners, you may sign on then as well.  ALL STUDENTS AT HOME NEED TO BE SIGNED...
SPELLING BEE WINNERS Round One Michael   Round Two Tess   Round Three Michael   Round Four Michael      
ENTERING GRADE 6 SUMMER READING LIST Each student is to read two books and submit a written summary of each upon their return to school in September.  ALL REPORTS NEED TO BE WRITTEN IN SCRIPT.  ...