Mrs. Angela Bernardo

Welcome to our class

Mrs. Angela Bernardo 
 Grade 3
 Hoboken Catholic Academy
 555  7th Street
 Hoboken, NJ 07030

 telephone #:  (201) 963-9535
 e-mail:   [email protected]

Welcome to Third Grade!

My name is Mrs. Angela Bernardo and I am looking forward to working closely
with you and your children this year.

       As I begin the school year, I keep a very simple image in my mind —
that your children, sitting before me, are all GIFTS from God waiting to be opened.
I recognize that they are coming to class with various strengths and challenges,
and that it is up to me to discover ways to reach and teach them all.
Every child can succeed, and I believe that if they become willing and
active participants in their own learning process, they will develop the confidence
and the desire to learn more and to be more. 

     I believe in the importance of creating a RESPONSIVE class where students
interact respectfully and lovingly toward each other, acknowledging the truth that
each person in the class is equal in importance to God.

     I believe in a strong faith-based education in conjunction with a clear and
goal-oriented one. Living my faith, in the context of a rigorous learning environment
for the children, sends a message to them that much is expected of them because
much has been given to them. I create a loving and nurturing learning environment 
where individual differences are addressed, and curiosity, discovery, initiative, 
and hard work are encouraged.

      I hope that we can work cooperatively in bringing out the best in your children
so that together we can make this year a productive and successful one.