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Mrs. Donna Ryan

March 20 -   We are also having a food drive, please send in non-perishables. Our field trip is next Tuesday, March 26.  PLEASE pack an easy, healthy snack for the bus.  We will have limited time for lunch (20-25 minutes) please pack an easy lunch. Please talk to the kids about responsible bathroom use.  We had 20 visits to the bathroom and 3 requests for the water fountain BEFORE snack time (10:15) That's 71% of the class needed to use the bathroom before snack even started. During snack we had additional bathroom visits.

Spelling p. 98

Voyages p. 77, 78

Students need to practice verbs on IXL: linking verbs, helping verbs, verb phrases

Grade 5:

158 - 159 and study vocab words for Friday


Grade 4:

Spelling p. 97 and review reading vocabulary and 3 Greek roots for comp test tomorrow

Grade 5: p. 155 and vocab sentences.  Review reading vocab for Leonardo's Horse


Grade 5: spelling words 5x.  Vocabulary Test on Friday - students need to complete study cards.  I am using a new testing format - students NEED to study and utilize synonyms and antonyms with their study.  This is something they have been reluctant with. This is the same test format for sixth grade so this is good preparation.

March 14
RW: 304, 306

March 9:
Grade 4: WE STILL NEED MORE TISSUES!  Thank you!

Morning Work that is not done:  RW: 192, 198, 237

Narrative poem due tomorrow!

RW: 190, 193 if not done

Grade 5:  Project due tomorrow!

March 5:
IOWA Prep:  Please send in 2-3 NEW . NUMBER TWO pencils with the eraser on the end.

Final Draft of narrative poem due Thursday. Prefer typed or oherwise best script

Grade 5: Project due Tursday!

open book test tomorrow.  Please practice "verb tenses" on

March 1: 

Grammar Quiz Monday on types of sentences. Students can practice on IXL if they are not confident. 

Reading Comp Test signed for Monday

Grade 5 - News and Radio ad due Thursday. Project instructions handed out today. Students were instructed that this is a project grade and should reflect obvious effort and pride.

Feb. 28:
Grade 4: spelling 95, grammar sentences review packet if not done, first draft of narrative poem and pre-writing due tomorrow. Please practice types of sentences on IXL and will be having a grammar quiz on Monday

Grade 5: USe IXL and to review perfect tense.  Grammar Test on Tuesday and Wednesday. Oen book on Tuesday and independent test on Wednesday.

Project paperwork sent home today. Project due Thursday, March 7. Newspaper and radio ad.

Feb. 27:
Grade 4:
Practice types of sentences on IXL and Voyages:

Spelling p. 94 - top only

Voyages workbook 105 - Grammar Quiz on Monday or Tuesday

Review vocabulary for clouds comp test

Grade 5:
Review grammar packet due Monday (Test Tuesday and Wednesday)

Review vocab for test tomorrow

also use IXL - perfect verb tense

Feb. 26:
Field trip permission form

Spelling p. 93

Grade 5- Voyages workbook p. 60 (use textbook for reference) Students can use IXL to practice perfect tense. There will be a grammar test next week.

Feb. 25:
Field trip permission slip

Grade 4: benchmark signed for tomorrow (assigned last week)

Spelling: classwork assignment if unfinished: p. 92 and list words in alphabetical order and 5 sentences

homework is words 5X.

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