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Mrs. Donna Ryan

January 18:

4th and 5th Grade Parents: PLEASE send in looseleaf packs.  We have run out of writing paper.

Happy Weekend

January 17:

spelling test

morning work p. 411 and 416 for students who did not finish

vocabulary sentences for students who did not finish

5th Grade: vocabulary 128 and 129 . spelling test

January 16:

morning work to be completed for HW if not complete: p. 394, 413

Reading workbook pages from reading class (if not done) p. 142, 145, 152

finish vocabulary graphic with coloring

spelling p. 77

January 15:

Grade 4: spelling p.76

Morning work for students who have not finished this week: p. 146, 149-151, 400, 405

comprehension test signed

unfinished work:  character analysis due tomorrow morning

Grade 5: unfinished work: vocabulary graphic due tomorrow or it's late

p. 122-123in vocabulary book

Grade 4: words 5x and spelling p. 75/test signed from last week

Grade 5: spelling words 5x, test signed, review READING vocabulary for tomorrow. STUDY for SUFFIX test.  Students were given an entire week to study for the suffix test and have been given the exact chart that will appear on the test.


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