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Mrs. Donna Ryan

June 11, 2019

All Aftercare payments must be paid by tomorrow. Student accounts must be clear in order to receive report cards on Friday.

Rotary Spelling Bee is tonight!  Good luck to our fourth grade spellers!




End of the year benchmark - please sign and return.  Includes a before/after grade from September.  This does not go into PowerSchool but worth seeing. 5th grade benchmarks will go home Monday.


Rotary Spelling Bee is Tuesday, June 11. Spellers need to arrive at 5:30.  Congrats to our spellers who will compete: Carolina, Michael, Maddy, and Evan!

Religion: First Trimester Growing in Jesus Christ Jesus leads us to happiness Sin in our world Our conscience, our guide Celebrating penance and reconciliation Learning about God's law The...
A+= 97-100 A= 92-96 B+= 88-91 B= 83-87 C+= 78-82 C= 73-77 D= 70-72 U= Below 70 Failure
January: 12-Desiree 26-Isabelle February: 12-Dylan March: 5-Abbie 6-Olivia 17-Elle 27-Grace 26-Jason April: 8-Jack 21-Zoe 29-Victoria May: June: 13- Jake July: 6-Philip 19-Daniel...
Sequencing Skills: Math: http://www....
Monday- P.E. Tuesday- Art Wednesday- Music Thursday- Spanish Friday- Computers