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Mrs. Lorraine Seredvick

Hoboken Catholic Academy

555 7th Street

Hoboken, NJ 07030

(201) 963-9535

Grade 1


September 5, 2019


Dear First Grade Parents, 

Welcome back to school! This will be an exciting year for your children. My name is Mrs. Seredvick and I am very thrilled to be your child’s first grade teacher. As an experienced educator, I understand the importance of a solid educational foundation. I look forward to working with you to make this a wonderful school year for your children. My background includes six years as a Catholic school teacher in both Pre-K and second grade classes and more than ten years in a variety of long-term public school substitute assignments, including first grade. This past year I served as a reading and math support teacher here at Hoboken Catholic Academy, working with grades one, two, four and five.

Our classroom is in Modular 1, which is located just outside the building near the gym entrance. Miss Aggie, who was previously stationed in the main hallway, will now be with us to escort children into and out of the main building as needed. Children will join me in front of the stage in the gym on the first day of school for AM Assembly and the Opening Day Prayer Service. Parents are invited to attend the prayer service as well as Mass at 10:00 AM on Friday in St. Ann Church. 

First graders will have time for a small healthy snack every morning. No snacks containing peanuts are permitted as we are a peanut free school. Please do not use glass bottles or containers for drinks or snacks.

Gym class will be every Tuesday. Your child should wear their gym suit and sneakers to school on this day.

I would like to remind you to have your child continue to practice the summer word list that they received from their kindergarten teacher this past June. Attached you will find a copy of the supply list that was sent home in June. Please send cash or a check in the amount of $40.00 payable to Hoboken Catholic Academy in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and grade. It will be helpful if all of your child’s belongings are labeled with their name.            

These first days of school will be very exciting as the students get familiar with their new surroundings and classmates. I am here to help you and your children transition into First Grade as smoothly as possible. I look forward to meeting you all at Back to School Night on September 18th. I am so excited to start our year of learning, sharing, and exploring together!



                                                                                    Mrs. Seredvick



Monday: Art, Tuesday: Gym, Wednesday: Spanish, Thursday: Music, Friday: Computer


Classroom Rules

Class Rules: 1. Listen carefully 2. Follow directions 3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself 4. Be kind/respectful with your words and actions 5. Always try your best!


What's Happening This Month

May: Zoom meeting every Monday at 10:30

May 22nd: no school

May 25th: Memorial Day no school 



"Exciting news! Next week our school will host a HCA Spirit Challenge on Instagram. If you and your student would like to participate simply follow @hca_spirit_challenge on Instagram. Each grade will be assigned a fun challenge. Let's show HCA that our class has the most SCHOOL SPIRIT!"

May 15th

Cape May County Virtual Zoo class trip




Birthday Snacks:    Parents are welcome to send in birthday cookies or cupcakes and a drink to share on or near their child's birthday.

Classroom Birthdays

September-12th Isabella Kim, September-15th Luciana Long, September-18th Pavani Agarwal, September-19th Preston Marrufo

October-20th Liam Lopez

November-5th Natalie Hamann, November-7th Naina Fatnaney, November-15th Declan Lee

December-11th James Benyik

January-16th Aanika Chokshi, January-30th Donnabella Shukofsky

February-9th Arhaan Shaikh, February-14th Maeve Borner, February-26th Quinten Tandu

March-10th Peter Cuttita

April-2nd Samaira Saini, April-9th Luca Bermudez, April-18th Divyana Bisen, April-24th Brendan Maye

May-9th Zachary Balthazar

June-19th Kayleigh Garahan, June-21st Penelope Roig

July-26th Aadi Jain

Class Parties

Three parties are scheduled for the year.



End of the School Year

Weekly Homework

Monday- Reading: read words and story “Alexander Graham Bell”

Math: Workbook page 104 and 105

Spelling: write words 2X 

Tuesday- Reading: read words and story “Alexander Graham Bell”

Math: Workbook page 106

Spelling: One Spelling City game and Test-n-Teach

Study for test

Wednesday- Reading: read words and story “Alexander Graham Bell”

Math: Workbook page 107

Grammar: page 582

 Thursday- No Homework

Have a happy Memorial Day

*Spelling words: 

shell, whip, thin, chop, brick,wheel, duck, think


Lessons for the week of 5/21




Morning Prayer: “Almighty God”, “Our Father”, “Hail Mary”, “Glory Be”, and the “Sign of the Cross”


Reading - Goal: Read with fluency and identify facts and details from the story.

1stStudents: (With parent help if needed)

#1 Read the selection “Memorial Day is Special “, sent as an attachment on the Thursday parent letter email

#2 Answer the questions

#3 Parents please help your child get on BrainPop


Phonics – Goal: Read and respond to a story and identify and name consonant digraphs.


#1 Tear out page 311, cut and fold the booklet. Read the story “Weather Changes”  

#2 Circle the words with consonant digraphs, sh, th, ch, wh, and ck, in the story.


Snack Time


Math – Goal:  Find the value of a group of coins consisting of a quarter, dimes, nickels, and pennies.


#1 Complete pages 361 and 362 in the math book. Use coins to sort and order each problem before you write down your answers.


To help your children solve #7 on page 362 have them write 49 cents, then from that they should count and write the numbers up to 53 cents to help figure out how much money fell out of the purse.

For #8 the students must have a number, no fewer than one for each of the coins listed.


Music: visit Mrs. Campagna’s teacher’s page for today’s lesson

***During the month of May I like to sing Blessed Mother songs with the students.  If you click on the link, it will take you to the "Hail Mary" echo song. ***

Spelling- Goal: Search for Memorial Day words.


Complete the Memorial Day word search that was sent as an attachment in the Thursday parent letter.


Grace Before Meal

Lunch – enjoy a healthy lunch

Recess – get some exercise or quiet time

Grace after Meal


Grammar: Identify and review adverbs.


Complete page 584 in your Readers and Writers Notebook


Social Studies- Goal: Identify and describe the physical characteristics of places such as landforms and bodies of water.


#1 Read social studies text pages 150 and 153.

#2 In the social studies workbook complete page 40. Label landforms and bodies of water, then color the landforms green and the bodies of water blue


Religion – Goal: Describe the way that the church honors Mary.

Complete page 286 and 287.


If you have any questions about these plans please email me at, or message me on Bloomz.

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