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Mrs. Michelle Alfano

Bienvenidos a la clase de espanol! / Welcome to Spanish class!
I am so happy to be a part of the Hoboken Catholic Academy family! 
Please email me with any questions or concerns!

Pre K and Kindergarten students! 

Here are some videos you could watch to continue practicing the alphabet, colors, basic greetings, and the farm animals in Spanish!

 Farm Animals:



Buenos Dias Song:

 Como te llamas Song:




Posted: 06/01/2020
As we finish out this very interesting academic year,  I want the students to have some fun. I have paid for 1 month of access to This site has games, videos, songs, worksheets, and more. To access the site enter your username: hcastudent password: hca2020 There are many... Read More...
Posted: 05/27/2020
  Announcements Thank you all for checking out the video lessons on FlipGrid! Students can submit their work either written via email, or send me videos back on FlipGrid  or any other source you prefer via email. I do moderate the FlipGrid videos, so I am the only person that sees those... Read More...
Posted: 05/19/2020
    Last week I started experimenting with Flipgrid!  Thank you to all who sent me a video back! I loved being able to see the children! Many of them tried their best to speak Spanish, and  I was so proud of them! I will continue using this program because I love that the children have the... Read More...
Posted: 05/11/2020
Hi Everyone! I am excited to experiment with Flip Grid this week! Using this program will allow me to send videos to the students, and they could send me videos back!! It would be an excellent tool to incorporate  into the lessons. I hope it  encourages the students to practice their Spanish orally... Read More...
Posted: 05/04/2020
* Please email me any  questions or completed assignments to* *All worksheets that go with the assignments can be found on bloomz* *All assignments for grades 6- 8 are on Google Classroom*     Pre-K- Kindergarten  Lets continue learning our Formas Geométricas!   ... Read More...
Posted: 04/27/2020
Happy Monday! Please see bloomz for any and all attached worksheets. If you haven't done so, please send all completed assignments to  Email is the best way to reach me! Stay Safe Everyone!   Pk-K Let's continue to do work on our shapes in Spanish! Las formas!... Read More...
Posted: 04/20/2020
   Please send email me with all completed assignments and or questions to All worksheets are posted on bloomz Assignments for grades 6-8 are on Google Classroom     PK and Kindergarten- This week we will learn what our shapes are called in Spanish! I have found a... Read More...
Posted: 04/08/2020
Happy Spring Break Students (AND PARENTS!)!! The last three weeks have been anything but easy, but we are making it all work!  Parents- Thank you for everything you do.  Without you, this would never be possible. Students- You're doing a phenomenal job, I love looking at each and every piece... Read More...
Posted: 04/05/2020
By: Any And ALL worksheets can be found on Bloomz!
Pk-K Happy Holy week/ Semana Santa! This week I will post two videos I found. Canticos is  a fun video that has multiple songs that play in Spanish, and then they will play the English translation. The second video includes new Easter vocabulary in Spanish! I hope the children enjoy them both! I... Read More...
Posted: 03/30/2020
 Hello Parents!! So bloomz is taking longer than I expected.  I have been working on posting these posts for hours, and I wish this was an exaggeration. I don't want you to think I forgot, I am still working on this!