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Ms. Erin Yorke






Hoboken Catholic Academy                                                                                               
555 7th Street
Hoboken, NJ
(201) 963-9535

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Welcome to Kindergarten!!

My name is Erin Yorke and it's my pleasure to introduce myself as your child's Kindergarten Teacher for this upcoming year! Together, we can set your child on an amazing path through discovery, education, and excitement! Remember, learning doesn't stop at the doorway; it is vital that you review homework and lessons at home to help reinforce your child's love of learning in preparation for First Grade! Flashcards, websites, and even fun workbooks can help enhance your child's education. Team-work between the teacher and the parent/guardian is one of the most important ways to help support your child's academic and social/emotional growth, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

Get ready for an amazing year!
Ms. Yorke


Posted: 01/18/2019
Friday January 18th Have a great 3 Day Weekend!!   Sight Words for the Week: me                 girl with               goes she                 has           was   *Remember to have YOUR CHILD write their own name at the top of the paper*    
Posted: 01/18/2019
a an as at boy by girl goes has he is it little she the to was am down fast have I jump me my off on out play ran run up   in and are did do don't father friend good they we were yes... Read More...
Posted: 01/14/2019
  1. NO SCHOOL MONDAY, JANUARY 21ST!! 2. Show and Tell: Every Friday!!  
Posted: 01/02/2019
      Friday January 4th--10am MassFriday January 18th--Second Trimester Progress ReportMonday January 21st--NO SCHOOL/Martin Luther King DayMonday January 28th-Friday February 1st--Catholic Schools Week     
Posted: 10/02/2018
Listed below are just some of the useful classroom websites that we use to enhance our learning experiences here in Kindergarten! Feel free to use them at home. http://www.... Read More...
Posted: 09/02/2018
You may send in a celebratory snack with your child on your child's birthday! We will distribute it as an extra snack during snack-time.   January 16-Aanika 25-MJ 30-Donnabella February 9-Arthur 9-Arhaan March   April 2-Samaira 4-Declan... Read More...
Kindergarten First Trimester Curriculum    Religion: 1. God made all things 2. God gives us light 3. God gives us water 4. God made all people. 5. God made us. 6. God helps us to discover. 7. God...
Religion: 1. Advent 2. God chooses Mary 3. Christmas 4. God the Father gives us Jesus 5. Jesus grew up in Nazareth 6. Jesus teaches and helps us 7. God helps us to discover 8. Jesus wants us to...
Religion: 1. We celebrate Jesus’ gift of Himself 2. The Three Days 3. Easter 4. We pray as Jesus did 5. We care about others as Jesus did 6. We celebrate that Jesus is our friend 7. We learn about...
1. Treat others the same way you would like to be treated. 2. Listening Ears, Looking Eyes, Helping Hands, and Walking Feet. 3. Raise your hand if you have a question or something to say. 4. Listen...
Kindergarten   Kindergarten is the transitional period from Pre-K into the structure of formal schooling. Kindergarten prepares the child for future learning by focusing on indiviudal readiness and...
  Master Schedule for Specials Monday Spanish Class Tuesday Art Class Wednesday Gym Class Thursday Music Class Friday Gym Class Kindergarten has Gym Class TWICE a week,...