Music Class 2022-2023

Welcome to another exciting school year in Music Class!  I have to admit it will be a little different than before, but I know we can get through it together!

In class, I cover many aspects of music.  The children will learn seasonal songs.  This is a big hit with the younger children.  We will work on music theory.  Music history will also be covered. Here the students learn about the lives and music of the great composers.  We also listen to the music of present day and how music has evolved through the years.  In recent years, I enjoy teaching the kids about music technology. The students will create Power Points, music videos and soundtracks!  The students will also explore percussion instruments.  I will also bring back the Bucket Drums!

Bach gave us God’s Word

Mozart gave us God’s Laughter

Beethoven gave us God’s Fire

God gave us Music That We Might Pray Without Words…