Welcome back to HCA!  I hope the summer was a relaxing time for you and your child.

Below is a brief overview of the subjects I will be teaching your children.

Literature for Grade Six

New words are assigned at the beginning of the week.  Notebook should be brought home and words learned for the following day.  Students do not need to know how to spell the words, but they should know the definitions.  Quiz on vocabulary the following day.  Please review ALL words from previous stories whenever the notebook is sent home.

Our book is available on Google Classroom for the children to access while at home or at school.  We read each story two times in class, followed by in-depth class discussions, written work, and worksheets.  Test on the story is on Friday, with time given for a third review of the story.  Tests consist of vocabulary, comprehension, literary skills, and short answer essays based on the work covered in class.

                          Students should read every night for a MINIMUM of 15 minutes. 

Vocabulary for Grade Six

Students will complete each unit on a two-week basis.  In general, the homework schedule for vocabulary is:

Monday – Write words, synonyms, and antonyms in notebook.  Notebook should be dated and list words underlined with a ruler.  Students have two nights to complete.

Monday – Write sentences for list words.  Notebook should be dated and list words underlined.  Students have two nights to complete.

Wednesday – Complete unit test worksheet, due the following day.

Thursday – Write list words five times each in notebook. Notebook should be dated.  Work due the following day.  Study for test.

Friday – Test day.

Students should complete their homework neatly.  Misspelled words will be flagged and corrected, and students will have to write the words they misspell five times if it is a “regular” word, ten times if it is a list word.

If there is a “short week”, I eliminate one of the homework assignments, to be announced.

Testing varies from week to week. Some weeks I require only the spelling of the words, other weeks I will test on their knowledge of the definitions or synonyms and antonyms.   For the first two trimesters, I create my own tests for the students.  During the third trimester, we may use the unit test from the publisher.

Students will compete in classroom Spelling Bees throughout the year.



We are studying the Bible this year.  It generally takes a little over a week to complete a chapter.  Tests and quizzes are announced in advance.  We will pray the Rosary during the months of October and May.  If your child has his/her own Rosary beads, they may bring them in, but if not, I have plenty of spares.

  Language Arts for Grades Six, Seven, and Eight

We are studying the parts of speech, various writing styles, and public speaking skills.  Homework is assigned nightly in the English workbook.  Tests and quizzes are announced in advance.


If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask ~ send me an email, drop me a note, see me after school,  or call the school office (201-963-9535).  I am looking forward to a wonderful, productive year with you and your child!