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HSA Minutes

Hoboken Catholic Academy
Home School Association 

HSA Meeting Minutes 

10.6.21 7-8PM

Principal Update

Financial Report of HSA Earnings for 2020/2021 SY


  • HCA will be following the CDC recommended guidelines for quarantine in case of travel.
  • Early November - The school nurse will be sending an updated memo about the regulations.
  • Students who are 12 yrs. or older and are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine due to travel.
  • As per Gov. Murphy and the Archdiocese School’s Office, in case that students are required to quarantine due to travel, asynchronous work will be provided. 
    • Please give your child’s teacher at least 2 days advanced notice to prepare materials for the student.
    • Teachers can check in via phone with a student after 3PM to assist with any questions.

October 8th, Friday – St. Francis Church Mass in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. (Grades 4 to 8 will be taking a walking trip to the church.)


        October 14th, Thursday – Pre-K to 3rd Grade’s parents and guardians.

          October 15th, Friday – 4th to 8th Grade’s parents and guardians.

             - An RSVP letter will be sent out on Tuesday, October 12th.

             - Young siblings are welcomed to come

CAMPUS MINISTRY (Grades 6 to 8)

  • First meeting will be held on Thursday, Oct. 14th.
  • Campus Ministry will be meeting twice monthly throughout the school year.

October 22nd, Friday 

  • First Trimester Progress reports will be sent home for Grades K to 3rd.
  • Reports for Grades 4 to 8th will be available for viewing via PowerSchool.

October 27th, Wednesday Virtual Parent/Teacher Conference Day

  • 12PM Dismissal for Grades K to 8th and 11:45AM Dismissal for Pre-K
  • Letters will be sent home next week on how to schedule conference appointments. Conferences will be held via Zoom.

HALLOWEEN PARADE / MONSTER MASH / SC Middle School Halloween Dance

October 29th, Friday – Outdoor Halloween Parade at 9AM (from Pre-K to 3rd Grade)

  • Families are invited to line the sidewalk in Madison and 7th Streets and cheer our students on.
  • ALL students in Pre-K to 5th Grade will have the Monster Mash Dance Party to be held in the gym throughout the day.
  • Grades 6th to 8th are invited to attend the Student Council sponsored Middle School Halloween Dance from 6PM to 9PM.

** ALL students in every grade level are permitted to wear costumes on October 29th. Please, no masks, face paint or plastic weapons.**


  • Interest forms for both students (from Grades 2nd to 8th) and coaches interested in joining the program will be sent out within the next two weeks. 

**Requirements for Volunteer Coaches**

     Per the Governor’s executive order, ALL volunteers must provide proof of full vaccination or provide weekly negative COVID-19 tests in order to interact with students.

Protecting God’s Children Workshop Certification

  • Archdiocese of Newark requires ALL volunteers to be certified.
  • Miss Staci from St. Ann’s Church will hold both an initial and re-certification sessions prior to the start of the basketball program. Information will be sent to all families once it is received.

MOVEMENT BREAKS (throughout the day and during inclement weather days)

  • The staff is in the process of compiling a list of online resources that offer 10-20 mins. get up and move activities designed for the classroom.
  • Teachers can use these resources for movement breaks and indoor recess.


  • The office is aware of the lack of crossing guards on the corner of Monroe and 7th. 
  • Our security officers are former police officers and have been in touch with the police department.
  • There is a shortage of crossing guards and the guard assigned to the corner of Monroe and 7th for the past several years is out on sick leave.
  • The office had been told that control agents from the Parking Authority would send a patrol officer to assist when available. This has not been consistent.
  • Parents should reach out to the Police General Complaint Hotline at 201-420-2100 or could reach out to Councilman Michael Russo for Ward 3.

Teacher Updates (Ms. Cervone & Mrs. Albunia)

**Please see HCA FB page for recorded meeting for their updates.**


  • Second Season Shop has raised to date, $860.00


  • The space behind the stage is now being used by the teachers for their supplies to give space in their classrooms for the 3ft. social distancing need.
  • The plan is to have (2) massive sales – by the end of the year and beginning of the year.
  • There will be a Last Call for second season items. (Details TBA) Leftover uniforms after this last call will be donated before the next HSA meeting.


  • Boo Grams – 330 orders as of today
  • Double Good Popcorn (end of January)- an all online fundraiser


  • Monster Mash, October 29th, Friday – Monica Mantilla presented her team’s vision regarding the gym’s decorations. Thank you for a well thought out planning!
  • Soul Cycle, November 20th, 3PM  * Sign up on Bloomz, $65 per bike & shoes
  • December – Morning with Santa *details coming next meeting
  • End of March – Art e Vino
  • April 8, 2022 – Spring Gala & Auction *flyers going out shortly re donations
  • May – Read-A-Thon *will coincide with Spring book fair
  • May 6, 2022 – Talent Show
  • June 4, 2022 – 5K Run/Walk 

Q & A

  • Class parents will moderate questions coming in from Bloomz, so information will be addressed directly by the class parents or class parents can directly address questions to the right person…to avoid miscommunication.
  • International Night concept for this year is being discussed due to safety and restrictions. Details TBA
  • Boo Grams are little gift bags with Halloween trinkets & treats. 
  • Second Season
    • ​If you are looking for uniforms, please email your class parents and class parents will then forward your inquiry to Katie Champagne to see what’s available. 
  • Other uniform retailer options:
    • ​Lobel’s, Flynn O’Hara and Land’s End
    • French Toast on Amazon – for plaid skirts, ties, oxford shirts
    • Old Navy – has maroon sweatpants

HSA Minutes Meetings

September 15, 2021

Welcome Back!

Principal Update


  •  September 20, Monday – Jr. Varsity & Varsity Girls Volleyball Program starts
  •  September 21, Tuesday – My Gym Program (PreK to K)
  •  Starting next week - Choir Wednesdays 3-4 pm (2-8)
  •  Starting next week – Coding After School (2 to 8)
  •  Starting next week – Bricks 4 Kidz (Pre-K4 to 3)
  •  September 22, Wednesday – Chess Club (K to 8)
  •  8th Grade Yearbook Club - Tuesdays 3-4pm
  •  Coming this October

        ⇒ Dance and Acrotots Program (Pre-K to 5) 

        ⇒ Musical Theatre Program (3 to 8)


As per the Governor’s executive order, all staff, faculty, and volunteers at any school, public or private must be fully vaccinated or show weekly negative COVID 19 testing as of October 19, 2021. If you are or intend to volunteer for any of the programs and help the HSA with all the events planned for this year, the protocol extends to the volunteers as well.


As per the Governor’s executive order for all students, staff and visitors to wear masks in schools. Students, staff and visitors must wear a mask when social distancing is not guaranteed.

  •  Masks during GYM and Recess

        - the school cannot guarantee 6 or 3 feet distancing during these activities
        - Students are asked to wear masks during these activities. However, students can take mask breaks. The teachers communicate this to their students.
        - At this time, HCA is not requesting COVID 19 Testing for students.


CDC guidelines state that students must be 6 feet apart in order to remove their mask and eat. This makes it difficult to have snacks in the classroom.

        - However, Mrs. Perez has met with the Kindergarten and First Grade teachers & think that it is a safe plan to roll out snacks for K to 1st Grade.

        - Teachers from K to 1st Grade will be reaching out to the families this Friday, September 17, 2021 to inform how it will work and what the protocol would be.

        - Once started and with working safely, Mrs. Perez will look to extend the same to the 2nd Graders as well.


  • Lunch is prepared in-house with no 3rd party vendor, frying of foods or flavored milks.
  • Price increase by $1.00 was necessary due to the cost of food. All prices on website.
  • Lunch and recess time has not changed.


• This program will be continued this school year with Miss Kelly as monitor.


  • HCA will have traditional SNOW DAYS.
  • There is a limited number of half days this school year. It is for the convenience of parents who find it difficult when students get dismissed on a half day schedule.


  • Will be VIRTUAL BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT PRESENTATIONS, including tour of classrooms
  • The presentation will include a tour of the classroom and teacher presentations.
  • Pre-K Back to School Night Presentation will be sent out after 6PM on September 21st.
  • Kindergarten to 8th Grade Back to School Night Presentations will be sent out after 7PM on September 23rd.


President: Mariann Bloor
Vice Presidents: Engin Okaya, Tatiana Perez-Vega, and Ecolz Apiado                                                                     Treasurer: Carrie Maglia
Assistant Treasurer: Dharshini Rajmohan
Secretary: Tiffany Lemon
Assistant Secretary: Rowena Dayo
Director of Class Parents: Katie Champagne
Director of Fundraising: Lyla Mannoia


  • Parents have been sent invitations to Bloomz or added to class.
  • Bloomz will only be for HSA news this year and all other information will come directly from the school.


  • Class Parents position are filled except for 7th Grade in Mr. Costa’s class. Please message Katie Champagne at


  • We had 2 bargain sales for the shop this summer and raised $550. The plan is to donate whatever is left over. HSA will discuss how to continue the program.

BOO GRAMS – These are goodie bags filled with fun treats and toys for the kids. Order forms to go out early October. Forms due 10/20. Will be delivered to students day of Monster Mash.


  • EASY FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                                         ⇒ SOUL CYCLE ( NOVEMBER 6TH )

               -  More information will come out from the class parents regarding this event soon.

         ⇒  SCRIPPS – A Gift Card Program

               -  Step #1: Enroll on the website: Enroll with our school Code: 3B9A42LF37137

               -  Shop through the website: Sign In

               -  Shop via the website or App

         ⇒  AMAZON SMILES

         ⇒  MINTED



*** All the detailed information regarding these fundraising opportunities will be in the HSA section of the website with their links in the coming days.***


         ⇒ Air Purifiers/Filter                                                                                                                             - the goal is to reimburse the school for the purchase of the air purifiers and filters. Whatever the HSA fundraise so far will go directly to this.

         ⇒ Touchless Toilets/Faucets                                                                                                                                            - Almost all are done. There are a few that are still needed to be done. -


  • If you are interested in helping the HSA with our fundraising efforts, please message Mariann Bloor at or email the school at Also, all volunteer opportunities/sign-ups will be posted on Bloomz.•

MONSTER MASH – October 29th
             - If anyone is interested in helping to decorate the gym, the sign up is already out on Bloomz.


  • Any volunteers need to have the Protecting God’s Children Workshop Certificate. This year, the workshop will be at St. Ann’s Church. Once the date is set and confirmed, it will be posted on the school website. PGC is good for 5 years.


  • Deadlines/requests to volunteer will always be posted on Bloomz. When the event comes up, it will state how many volunteers are needed, what is the event and the date of the event.
  • The Trout farm is ordered.
  • Idea of a school “fund” for parents to donate to if they can’t volunteer time.
  • Events this year include Santa Breakfast, Gala on April 8 at The W Hotel, 5K Race in June, Soul Cycle in November and smaller fundraisers like the Movie Night, Boo Grams etc. Please contact the HSA with other ideas.
  • Fundraising goal is $21,500 ($7,500 for the purifiers and $14,000 for the touchless faucets)

The HSA would like to go above and beyond $21,500, so we could more things for the kids.