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Profile of an HCA Graduate

Christ - Centered
The Hoboken Catholic Academy Graduate:

  • Models Gospel values throughout daily life
  • Recognizes individual strengths and talents as gifts from God
  • Has general knowledge of Catholicism in scripture, doctrine, and traditions
  • Strives for a deepened sense of spirituality and a moral conscience
  • Has fostered a personal relationship with Christ through prayer and participation in Catholic traditions, sacraments, and worship

Academic Achievement
The Hoboken Catholic Academy Graduate:

  • Confidently conveys information in an effective manner orally and in writing
  • Applies critical thinking skills and strategies across all subject areas  
  • Works cooperatively and collaboratively in group settings
  • Applies learned information to real life issues and problems
  • Realizes learning is a life-long formation process and the key to academic and professional success
  • Effectively utilizes technology as a learning tool
  • Possesses time management skills to create a balance of academic and extracurricular activities
  • Is well prepared to meet the academic challenges of high school  

Service to Others
The Hoboken Catholic Academy Graduate:

  • Acknowledges and responds to the needs of others in accordance with the Gospel message
  • Demonstrates compassion and concern for those less fortunate through participation in community service projects  
  • Works closely with persons of different faiths, interests, and backgrounds to promote social justice

Christian Leadership:
The Hoboken Catholic Academy Graduate:

  • Takes responsibility and assumes leadership roles 
  • Demonstrates cooperative, respectful, and supportive attitudes toward others
  • Sets a positive example and serves as a role model in school and in the community  
  • Appreciates diversity and individual differences while sharing faith and values

Responsible Citizenship
The Hoboken Catholic Academy Graduate:

  • Exemplifies respect, compassion, empathy, understanding, and acceptance of self and others in an ever changing global society
  • Uses technology responsibly, morally, and ethically
  • Understands the rights and responsibilities afforded to them as members of a free society