School Nurse

Courtney Kincade, RN

Courtney Kincade is happy to return to HCA as our new school nurse.  


Many families have not provided HCA with documentation of a physical exam or an updated immunization record for the 2021-22 school year.  Presumably, some students have not visited their doctor due to COVID-related concerns.  With restrictions now lifting, we remind families that a yearly physical is required. If you have not already, please forward documentation of a physical exam completed within the last 12 months to school as soon as possible.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions and thank you all for your cooperation during this challenging school year. Please keep in mind that we are still making every effort to keep our school a safe and healthy place for our students to learn.  Should your student be sent home from school ill, or need to remain home due to illness, a negative Covid test will be required in order to return to school.


t. 201.963.9535

f. 201.963.1256

[email protected]

Please, provide all emergency medications with proper documentation, signed by your child’s health care provider to the nurse as soon as possible.  Also, all 2021-22 Well Child Physicals are to be submitted to the School Nurse.  Medical forms to be filled out by your child’s health care provider are provided in the link above titled “Printable Medical Forms”.  Please print out the Universal Health Record and bring the blank form to be filled out by the Pediatrician and submit to the School Nurse.  If your child is to participate in Athletics, please print out the Sports Participation Physical form and return to school before the sport begins.

All students are required to have an updated immunization record on file in order to be in school.  Influenza vaccines are mandatory ny NJ State law for children ages 6 to 59 months of age.  All students ages up to 59 months as of December 31st must provide documentation of receipt of annual flu shot.  Students who fail to provide documentation by reopen date in January will be EXCLUDED from attending school until proper documentation is provided.

Annual school health screenings for vision, hearing, height, weight and blood pressure (K-8th Grade) will be conducted on Fridays throughout the school year. You will be promptly notified of any referrals.  Scoliosis screenings will take place in the month of May.  Consents will be sent home in advance.  Please, if you would like your child to be screened for scoliosis, sign and return the consent form in a timely manner.

If your child has a health condition or needs special care during the school day such as medication, treatments, or monitoring, please inform the school nurse.

Please make sure that the emergency contact information on file in the school office is accurate and kept.

Children must be fever-free for 72 hours or more to return to school.  If your child incurs 3 or more consecutive absences, a doctor’s note is required to return to school.  If you are unsure if your child should return to school, please contact the school nurse.

If you have any questions or if your child has any medical concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the School Nurse.

Students who need medication during school hours (including inhalers and EpiPens) will need to have an adult or guardian complete the medication form accompanied by a physician’s order to have medication administered during school. All medication received by the nurses office must be in its original pharmacy labeled container. Please be sure to check out the School Nurse Website online, all health-related school forms are online and can be printed at home if needed. I have also included helpful information about school screenings, health links.