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Welcome to the HCA Lunch Program!  *UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2022*

This will be all the information you need regarding our cafeteria.  

Lunch menus will be sent out mid-month via an email blast from the main office.  Please print your menu at home, circle your selections and return it in your child's folder, with payment if necessary, as soon as possible.   You may also scan your menu and email to the address below.  There is no minimum nor mandatory order necessary.   Orders for the month should be placed all at once and not by the week, as the supply chain is still an issue and for ordering purposes.  A due date will be on the menu - please adhere to this due date or your order will be returned to you. There will be no exceptions for late orders. Your menu will be returned to you if received after the due date.  Menus will not be accepted without payment, or they will be returned.

You may either open an account, or pay monthly.  To open an account, send in a check in an amount of your choosing.  The check should be made payable to HCA and have "cafeteria" in the memo line.  Once the check is received, your orders will be deducted and you will have a balance remaining.  Your remaining balance will be marked on your menu and returned to you for your convenience.  If you have more than one child in school, you may send in one check for the family. For families with more than one child, one account will be created.  All accounts or monthly balances must be up to date or a $40 fee will be implemented, again no exceptions.

No refunds will be given for absences or at the end of the year. 

Snacks can be purchased in person.  Purchases are cash only (exact change preferred) and cannot be taken from your account.  No bills over $20 will be accepted.

Cookies .75 each, Large Chocolate Chunk Cookie (when available) $2.00, Ice Cream $2.00, All Bagged Snacks .75, Gummies .50

Snacks options will depend on what is available from our vendors.

As per the school handbook: "In order to maintain the integrity of classroom instructions, lunch cannot be dropped off during the school day. If a student forgets his/her lunch, parents will be notified and lunch will be provided from our cafeteria. Applicable lunch fees apply."  If your child forgets their lunch, you cannot have lunch delivered from a third party vendor (grubhub, uber eats etc).

BIRTHDAY COOKIES/ICE CREAM - If you would like to order birthday cookies (vanilla cookie with sprinkles) or ice cream (birthday cake cone) for your class, please email the address below with child's name, grade and how many you would like to purchase.  Money can be taken out of your account, or send in a check for $1 per cookie or $2 per ice cream, payable to HCA with "birthday cookies" in the memo line.  The cafeteria needs one week's notice for all orders. 

Please email with any questions.