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Welcome to the HCA Lunch Program!

This will be all the information you need regarding our cafeteria.  

Lunch menus will be sent out mid-month via an email blast.  Please print your menu at home, circle your selections and return it in your child's folder, with payment if necessary, as soon as possible.   There is no minimum nor mandatory order necessary.  You can also order anytime you wish, but please note orders must be placed one week in advance.  If you order meals for the same week, a $2 per day charge will be implemented.

You may either open an account, or pay monthly.  To open an account, send in a check for $150 or an amount of your choosing.  The check should be made payable to HCA and have "cafeteria" in the memo line.  Once the check is received, your orders will be deducted and you will have a balance remaining.  Your remaining balance will be marked on your menu and returned to you for your convenience.  If you have more than one child in school, you may send in one check for the family. All accounts or monthly balances must be up to date or a $40 fee will be implemented.

No refunds will be given for absences or at the end of the year. The price per day is $8.00.  This includes the main meal, fresh fruit or vegetable, a bagged snack and a bottle of water.  There will always be a vegetarian option available.

Snacks can be purchased in person.  Purchases are cash only and cannot be taken from your account.

Cookies 1/.40, 2/.70 or 3/$1.00.  Bagged snacks (small .50) (large .75)     Prepackaged baked goods $1.00   Pretzels/Churros $1.00    Ice Cream $1.50     Snapple/Seltzer $2.00 Large-sized Welsh's fruit-snack bags $1.50 Fruit cups $1.00

Snacks depend on what is available from our vendors.

If your child forgets their lunch, you cannot send lunch to school nor have food ordered and delivered.  We will provide your child with the daily meal or a bagel.  Late/day of ordering will cost $10.

Please email with any questions.