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Lunch Program

April Menu

All menus must be received at least one week in advance to avoid late fees ($2.00 per day). Credits will be issued by Cafeteria Staff on a monthly basis.  Please email

Credit = one lunch.

Options are listed below or your child may get a whole wheat bagel (plain/butter/cream cheese.)

APRIL 1: Chefs snackers

APRIL 2. Mac N' Cheese

APRIL 3. Stefanowski Brothers Pizza Day

APRIL 6.  Hot Dogs

APRIL 7. Beef Taco

APRIL 8.  1/2 Day No Lunch

APRIL 9-APRIL 19 Easter Break

APRIL 20. Crispy Chicken Sandwich

APRIL 21: Beef Taco

APRIL 22. Baked Ziti

APRIL 23. Penne alla Vodka

APRIL 24. Stefanowski Brothers Pizza Day

APRIL 27. Chicken Parm Sandwich

APRIL 28. Beef Taco

APRIL 29. Chicken Cutlet Wrap

APRIL 30. Rigatoni Ragu