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New Lunch Menu Format

As you may have noticed, the HCA cafeteria now has a new lunch menu program. Every month the school will send out a "blast email" with a link for both Pod A and Pod B through Google forms. The menu will give you options for every week, plus options for snacks. All food must be preordered ahead of time. To make sure we have enough product, and also to give our pizza vendor enough time, ALL orders must be placed in by the date specified on the menu. The menu will then "close" and no other orders can be placed for that month. Please note, you can save a copy of your order by checking the "send copy" on the form. Also, please remember to update your accounts frequently. We will email/call you when balances are low, but if they fall negative, we will have to charge additional fees. Thank you! The HCA Cafeteria - Mariann, Katie and Grainne