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Student Council


Our  HCA Student Council for the 2018-2019 year had an exciting start back in September.   All of the students were excited and ready to cast their votes for the new officers from 8th grade!  Candidates for office positions delivered outstanding speeches the day before the election.


PRESIDENT: Benjamin Bevington

VICE PRESIDENT: Alexandra Griesbauer

TREASURER:  Vito Zarrillo

SECRETARY: Alice Altomare

Elections for class representatives from grades 3 through 8 took place shortly after.


8th Grade:  Tara Dean, Anthony DiAngelo

7th Grade:  Addison Swiatek, Brady Landsbergis

6th Grade:  Julliette Vergara, Aneel Ward

5th Grade:  Athena Goletsos, Jack Halleron

4th Grade:  Arya Rajmohan, Madeline Chu

3rd Grade:  Maggie Mikulski, Maddox Kim


                                  ALWAYS BE YOUR BEST, AND LET GOD DO THE REST.


Attention, Grades 2-8!

"HCA's Got Talent"

The HCA Student Council is sponsoring a contest for a new logo design for the Talent Show to be held on Friday, May 3, 2019.  Create an original logo on white background of an 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.  Include the event name.  Print your name and grade on the back of the paper.  Submit your art design by Mon., Feb. 11, 2019.  The winner will be announced on Wed., Feb. 20, 2019.


Christmas Phone Cards for Troops

The HCA Student Council has successfully raised $3,714.50 to donate to the USO for their Operation Phone Home.  Operation Phone Home supplies phone cards to soldiers and sailors around the world. Our donation will be used to send phone cards to the brave service men and women serving in Afghanistan.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to our phone card program.  A special thank you goes to our wonderful HSA parents who collected donations outside of school  and for promoting this worthy cause.