Trout update

Welcome to my page. 
It is almost October and with that comes a delivery of trout eggs. 
Egg day this year is October 20th and we have already started to set up our trout habitat. I will update the TIC program as we progress from rainbow trout eggs to parr.
This upcoming week on October 20th our rainbow trout eggs will be delivered by the State of New Jersey, Pequest trout hatchery.
The eggs we will receive are known as eyed eggs. You can actually see the eye of the embryo.
It will take from 3 to 9 days for the eggs to hatch into the next stage where they are known as Alevins. At this point the hatchlings are still attached to the egg. Stay Tuned for more information on our trout program.
Today our trout eggs arrived from Pequest. We will count them and remove any dead ones.
Today is November 3rd all of our Alevin have hatched and are now absorbing the remaining nutrients from the egg sac. Our trout appear to be doing well and we will start monitoring the water, tank and equipment on a daily basis.

All is going well with our trout program the 7th grade has starting the water quality testing and all of our trout are doing well.