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DECEMBER 10, 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians,

December has gotten off to an amazing start. Our Santa Breakfast and the kick-off of our Santa Workshop on Sunday, the 7th were spectacular! We had the biggest crowd in recent memory, well over 400 people! Thank you to everyone who came out to support this wonderful event. Santa was great, the food was excellent and plentiful and the children had a blast. A special thank you goes out to Jen La Fave, the Chairperson of the breakfast and Co-chair of the Santa Workshop, and Donna Casper, who we dragged back from the Jersey Shore, to continue to work in our office and run the Santa Workshop. Jen coordinated the efforts of more than thirty parent volunteers, numerous businesses and benefactors and our office staff to put together a spectacular event. Donna has set-up and run the Santa Workshop. None of these events could have been better planned or well organized. We are indeed blessed. Thank you Jen and Donna for your hard work and dedication to our school.

The list of people to thank is quite long and for that I am truly grateful. From the solicitation of sponsors to the cleanup at the end of the day, an incredible effort was made by dozens of people to make our program such a smash hit. The danger in thanking individuals is the almost certainty that someone will be left out. Please accept my apology in advance if anyone is omitted.

We would especially like to thank our sponsors who included Chef Anthony Pino from Anthony David’s, the folks at Bagels on Hudson and Hoboken Hot Bagels, Dunkin Donuts at 7th and Washington, the Philippine Bread House on Newark Avenue in Jersey City, The Old German Bakery, the CVS on Clinton and Choc O Pain. A special thank you goes out to HCA Advisory Board member, Joyce Flinn and her husband, Eugene. Not only did the owners of Amanda’s Restaurant, Elysian Café and Schnackenberg’s, donate much of the food, they spent hours in our kitchen cooking the delicious food as well. In addition, Joyce brought fellow HCA Advisory Board Member, Gino Giacchi, along to help prepare the food. Thank you to all of these wonderful people and organizations who are so supportive of our school.

The list of parent volunteers is quite long, which is truly fantastic. More than thirty parents did everything from from solicit donations, to decorate the gym on Friday, to serve food or hot chocolate, work the door, keep the Santa line moving and/or cleanup after the event. We thank Dezerie and Ecolz Apiado (Balloon Display), Eric Pozo (Santa Photographer), and Kristen Cavagnuolo (Face Painting) for all that they did. Thanks as well goes to Kristy Haise, Rowena Dayo, Jennifer Choi, Engin Okaya, Christine Keane, Laura Samuelson, Mariann Bloor, Shannon Swaitek, Julie Mlakar, Katherine Nolan, Donna Murphy, Kathy Keiter, Agnes Sienko, Jen Anderson, Sharlette Yates, Andrea Cutitta, Ilysa Gallucci, Cissie Lisa, Angie Guilaume, Kristen Hoy, Sharon Landbergis, Carrie Maglia, Mara Galeano, Maureen Quinn, Joana Viera, Terry Joyce, Chrissy Koutouzakis, Cathy Tennaro, Mike Bartoszek and Kevin La Fave.

I have not included all of the parents who have volunteered their time to help with the Santa Workshop, but will do so after the shop closes later this week. Needless to say, the list of wonderful people to thank continues to grow.

What an amazing job the Third Grade Jellie Making Company did! Thanks to Mia Cavanguolo, Maggie Nolan, Jaclyn Murphy and Eleni Diamantopoulos who made such beautiful figures, sold every last one and gleefully handed me their bucket containing over $140 for the school. Simply outstanding!

Adding to the joy and excitement of the season, our students have been busily preparing for their Christmas Concerts. In addition to performances by each of the classes and our outstanding choir, the shows will feature our student dancers and violinists who are being trained by The Performing Arts Workshop and The Hoboken School of Music, respectively. The schedule of all of the shows is included in the virtual backpack.

We recognized forty-four students who achieved First or Second Honors in grades 4-8, for the first trimester during AM Assembly. Please join the teachers and I in congratulating them for their hard work. A listing of all honorees is included in the virtual backpack. We encourage all of our students to work hard and study and always try to do the best they can. Thank you for your support at home and for making your youngster’s school work a priority.

Our students are reading up a storm and are well on their way to surpassing last year’s Principal’s Reading Challenge Minute total. During the first three months of school our students have read or been read to for 338,197 minutes. The students in Mrs. Esteves’ seventh grade class have read the most minutes and have the highest daily average for the third month in a row! Congratulations to our seventh graders and thanks to all of you for making reading a big part of your child’s daily routine. The complete breakdown is included in the virtual backpack. Please be reminded that during the upcoming Christmas vacation all reading minutes are tripled! So, encourage your kids to spend a little time each day reading a god book.

A letter will come home which will speak to the upcoming HCA Texas Hold’ EM/Black Jack fundraising event. The details will be included along with the multiple ways you can take part. Remember that the Poker Night is one of the two remaining events you will have to utilize your Fundraising Fee Voucher. If you wish to use your voucher at this time, please indicate so on the form included in the packet and follow the instructions listed there. Thanks to Mike Tennaro for once again, chairing this great event.

December can be a hectic month. It is easy to get caught up in all the trappings that go along with the Christmas Season. Thank you for helping us to remind our children about the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of Advent as we prepare for the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless you all and thank you for helping to make Hoboken Catholic Academy the wonderful school that it is.

Matthew McGrath

Hoboken Catholic Academy awarded accreditation by the Middle States Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.

December 22
$2.00 Red or Green Dress down

December 23
12:00 PM dismissal (PreK 11:45 AM)
No AfterCare
        Christmas vacation begins

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January 14
Lobel's winter fitting

January 19
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 26-30
Catholic Schools Week: Communities of
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January 30
HSA Poker Night

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Grades K-2 Christmas Program
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