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Mrs. Deanna Albunia

   Art helps children to ferment their creativity. Art gives students confidence, boosts self-esteem, and provides them with a feeling of success when they have created something. Just because students' work differs from one to the other, it still has a purpose and meaning to the student who created it. 

   My philosophy recognizes that not every student is born an artist, and that mistakes in art are a good thing. This means that a student is working to find a solution to a problem and experimenting with various techniques, colors, and patterns.                                                     

         MONDAY            TUESDAY          WEDNESDAY       THURSDAY

        K Gravina           K Yorke             1 Peterson             PK 4 Symmonds

        PK 3 Arnone      PK3 Foley           3 Bernardo           PK 4 Ferrara                       CHECK OUT INSTAGRAM

        1 Seredvick        2 Cervone                                      7 Verile                            YOU CAN SEE WHAT 

       2 Koziol              5 Mulrain                                        4 Wilms                             THE STUDENTS ARE 

                                  6 Girovasi                                      8 Fusiak.                                  CREATING